Gentle Thunder provides an array of spirit led services, including;

Heart Expressions™ for Kids: Heart Expressions™ is a uniquely designed program providing a safe place for children to expand and explore their creativity, raise self-esteem, and reveal their higher vibration through music, dance and songs.

Children are encouraged to play an instrument (some are provided) while learning Native American and other fun and playful songs.

At the close of the program, which is typically about an hour long, Gentle Thunder will gather the kids to sit around in a circle where she tells the story of the Hopi Butterfly Dance.
Let’s dress up in our butterfly wings and dance!

Spiritual Readings: Provide intuitive guidance and clarity to assist you in your personal growth and empowerment.

House & Business Clearing/Blessing: Building, moving into or remodeling a home? Starting, expanding or just building a business? Energies that are present or lingering in a space you intend to spend time with family or colleagues can negatively effect your day to day existence in those spaces – even making you or your family sick. Through a variety of different modalities, Gentle Thunder can help.

Ancestral Karma Release: Release the negative karmic influences that are holding you back in life!

Inner Child Healing/Self Love: The cry we hear from deep in our hearts often comes from the wounded child within. Healing this inner child’s pain will transform negative emotions.

Cutting of Cords: Cutting away unwanted energetic attachments, such as energy vampires

Sound Journey: Travel back in time, into the future, and back to the present with a powerful, healing, group meditation experience featuring Native American drumming and high frequency toning.

Water Blessings/Ceremony: We are the keepers of the water because we are more in tune with the natural cycles. Traditionally, in most cultures, the women are considered the keepers of the water. We have the connection and the ways and the ceremonies to bless and purify our waters as well as the waters that make up 70% of our physical bodies. Water ceremony is a collective community gathering to honor and bless our water. Singing songs and playing instruments in resonance of love and gratitude that we have for water and for the great gift of life that water provides us. Guided by our Native American Elders in ceremony sending healing energy from our hearts and positive thoughts from our mind to create peace in our water. From the inside rippling out.

We are water. Water is sacred. Water is life. And water is the blood of our mother earth. With this powerful understanding, we will create a mandala or sacred geometrical pattern on the sand/ground using crystals, flowers, shells or other beautiful and sacred materials that surround a vessel filled with water from that area that the ceremony is being held.

Together we will hold the intention of love and gratitude with a beautiful concert for the water and when the concert is over we offer the water with our prayers back to the original source.

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