Sound Journey at Wailea Healing Center

ENERGY EXCHANGE: $33. PRE-REGISTER ($38. AT THE DOOR) I am so honored to announce that our brother Giuliano Geronymo (Gifted Sound Alchemist) will be accompanying me during our journey! Together, we will weave a beautiful tapestry of magic by combining Native American and South American influences through music. Giuliano’s Sound Medicine is inspired by indigenous spiritual traditions, South American healing rituals & ancestral music from around the world — an altar of instruments including a Native American style drum, didgeridoo, Tibetan 7-metal bowl, flutes and many other surprises. “I have performed with hundreds of sound healers, and Giuliano is one of the best” — ALAN PRATT, Master Sound Healer, Spirit Channel, Clairvoyant, and Speaker ( You will experience something very unique! Together, let’s set our powerful intentions for transformation and healing on a deeper level. We will embark on a journey back in time with Native American drumming, Ancestral songs, and Shamanic chanting! Then we will time travel into the future with high frequency Toning channeled from Galactic beings, Light Language from the depths of the Soul, and back into the present. You will be guided into a deep meditation where you may experience self healing, self discovery, self love, re-birth, past life remembrance, remove blockages, re-calibration of cellular structure, karma release, and more. ** As we have just stepped into a powerful New Earth consciousness, Humanity continues to shift,. You will receive new light codes, downloads & activation codes necessary for your ascension!** ***Please leave your four legged at home, [Children 9+ are welcome!] ***We will have a “Water Blessing Altar”. The waters will be infused with Sacred Waters from all over the world, super-charged & activated! After your Journey, we will invite you to partake in these Holy waters, so bring a vessel to place the water in:-) Also, you are invited to bring your crystals, trinkets, or whatever you’d like to have blessed on the Altar*** +WHAT TO BRING+️ 1) Sacred reciprocity Tobacco, Hawaiian salt, Sage, Sweet Grass, or Crystals 2) An open Mind & Heart 3) Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, etc. (or something to nest yourself) 4) Drinking water

Star Knowledge Peace Summit Blythe, CA

January 11-13, 2019 All Nations All Races All Our Relations Please Join Indigenous natives from around the world, Scholars, Singers, Dancers. N. America Nazca Lines STAR KNOWLEDGE PEACE SUMMIT BLYTHE CA. FOR MORE INFO GO TO. Web address Chief Golden Light Eagle, “Reconnecting with our sacred ancestry when no boundaries existed. One heart, one love and one language Mitakuye Oyasin Place: Blythe Fair Grounds 11995 Olive Lake Blvd, Blythe, California 92225 For Tickets go to: This event is a labor of Love, A Peace summit delegation went to receive JOYOUS MAN THE PEACE POLE that was made by Chief Blue Star Eagle. we were greeted warmly by Chief Golden Light Eagle and his Sun dancers. During that sacred moment Chief Said that our Star Knowledge and Serpent Mound Peace Summit families are now joined. During this beautiful Ceremony a message came, it was to Bring Many People from around the world and many Local Native Tribes of the Colorado river, together to bring awareness to the sacred area Blythe California