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Private One-on-One Sessions in Sedona, AZ

I’ll be available for Spiritual Readings, Counseling, Healing Sessions, Private Sound Journey; July 31-Aug 4. (Dates subject to change) ***Email me to schedule your session today!***

Private One-on-One Sessions in Colorado

I’ll be available for Spiritual Readings, Counseling, Healing Sessions, Private Sound Journey; July 23-29. (Denver & Boulder areas) ***Email me to schedule your session today!***

Private One-on-One Session in California

I’ll be available for Spiritual Readings, Counseling, Healing Sessions, Private Sound Journey; July 2-10. July 2-5: Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Ojai July 9-11: Mt. Shasta ***Email me to schedule your session today!***

Transformational Sound Journey with Emile Jansen

Come join us at the breathtaking location, Wailea Healing Center, Wailea, Maui, Hi!!! Emile and I will take you on a journey through time! Emile is a Sound Alchemist! Together we will weave sound waves of LOVE! Visit with your Ancestors, travel into the Ethers, visit other worldly locations before we bring you all back, in the most gentle way possible. You can have many different beautiful experiences, such as physical healing, emotional healing, removal of old traumas & old programming. You may also receive new activation codes, keys, light codes for your ascension process, no matter where you are in your life at this current time. Bring something to nest yourself, drinking water, any crystals you’d like to have activated. ***Please leave young children and our four leggeds at home, as not to disturb everyone’s journey…Mahalo ***Purchase tickets through website listed below***

Shamanic Crystalline Sound Journey

You will experience something very unique! Together, let’s set our powerful intentions for transformation and healing on a deeper level. You will be invited to partake in Organic Ceremonial Cacao, which will assist in your Journey♥️. Open up your Heart Chakra & more! $33 Early Bird | Pre-register online! $38 At the door. Cash or credit accepted. ***We ask that you DO NOT DISTURB OUR JOURNEY, once we have begun*** **Please leave your four leggeds at home, and small children (ages 9+ are welcome)** We will embark on a journey back in time with Native American drumming, ancestral songs and shamanic chanting! We will time travel into the future with high frequency “toning” channeled from Galactic beings, Light Language from the depths of the soul and return to the present. You will be guided into a deep meditation, with Alchemical Crystalline Sound, so you may experience self-healing, self-discovery, self-love, re-birth, past life remembrance, remove blockages, re-calibration of cellular structure, karma release and more. As we have just stepped into a powerful New Earth consciousness humanity continues to shift. You will receive new light codes, downloads & activation codes necessary for your ascension! As a flower blossoms with new life, so we are setting our intention for re-birthing our sacred path and journey. We will be bringing in the essences of flowers. We call it the Cacao De Florida Activation and Initiation. For the anointing and initiating you to a new way of being and receiving life force energy. Opening up like a flower opens to the light of the sun. You are invited to bring your crystals and/or sacred items to enhance your Journey! ℹ️ WHAT TO BRING ℹ️ – Sacred reciprocity such as tobacco, Hawaiian salt, sage, sweet grass, or crystals. – An open mind and heart. – Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, etc. (or something to nest yourself). – Drinking water.

Spiritual Readings and Healing Sessions

Greetings and Infinite Blessings Dear One! Thank your Ancestors and Great Spirit for guiding you to me. We are here for you! During your complimentary Consultation, Great Spirit will let me know if we can help you. I am available for Private one-on-one Healing sessions and Spiritual Readings/Counseling. Either can be done remotely, just as powerful! Take the liberty to read some of the testimonials to understand my methods. Email me at: to book your session today:-)