I am a fellow healer in the community of South Orange County, Southern California. Gentle Thunder has assisted me many times along my journey to find support. She brings in the Whale Medicine as well as ancient remedies, such as Native American singing which feels amazing as it calls in love and support from your ancestors. This, accompanied by her ancient healing techniques passed down through her crystal skull Lakamuir and her many lineages of faith, prosperity and oneness with the creator, my voice has arisen from the ashes of hate in my family tree. Her ancestral lineage resonated with mine and helped my to overcome darkness I was carrying from past lives and in my house. I created a sacred protection bubble with her lineage and mine to create harmony once more. ~ tranquility ~ love ~ healing. It is my great honor to tell you to not be afraid of whatever path led you to this session with her. Take the hand of spirit and ride on friends. ~ Alicia M

I met Gentle Thunder in May of 2017 at a Sacred Water Blessing in Boulder for Mother’s Day. I was at a low point in my life and had no idea of the growth and transformation I was going to experience in the upcoming year. Through the grace of Great Spirit, Gentle Thunder moved to CO and after some time offered me a one-on-one session. Due to fear and insecurity, I had not asked for one myself. I worried that my problems would burden her greater purpose, but she insisted that this work is what she came here for, so I booked a session.

I didn’t know what to expect and was ready for anything. I supposed I had assumed it would be like a therapy session, but instead I was given tools and shown methods that I could practice in my daily life. I won’t try to list in order the exercises she showed me, as I use them all equally in my life. She taught me how to hone my intuition, helped me contact my angels, read a story from a book of Medicine Oracle cards (one that drastically changed my life), and reminded me HOW to tell myself that I love myself, although it can feel silly at times.

I went to Gentle Thunder because I felt like I was abusing cannabis, among other personal issues, but I realized the source of my discomfort came from the judgement I was inflicting on myself for my habits. The obstacles I faced in my life were so great because I would approach them from a place of fear and anger. The story she read me about the demon in Fawn’s path to Sacred Mountain showed me how love and compassion will break down barriers quicker than a bulldozer. Doors and windows have flown open for me! Accidents that could have caused hours of tears and mental torture turned into almost pleasant experiences. Through Gentle Thunder’s guidance, I remind myself that I am worthy and that I walk in sacred spaces. She has shown me the tools I need for “Heaven on Earth”

Gentle Thunder often says to me, “We are never late. We are exactly where we are supposed to be,” and I will repeat it for you too. When you are ready, your higher self will bring you to her, and if you’re reading this, then take the sign and the next step. Make an appointment and thank your higher self. You are worthy of Gentle Thunder’s teachings. You deserve them! Aho! Many Blessing, and Much Love to All ~ Heather Kalman

“I was so blessed to attend one of these beautiful Sound Journey’s while visiting Sedona this summer and it was beautiful! Experiencing as well as participating was profoundly healing and nurturing.

I was able to take away so much from Gentle Thunder’s sharing via speaking, singing, and drumming. She is a powerfully loving person and I was extra blessed to meet with her 1-on-1 prior to departing! ❤️

If you’re able to attend it’s beyond worth it!” ~ Alexandra Foran

Dear Gentle Thunder,

I want to try to express my heartfelt gratitude for the weekend at the Earth Shift Conference. The session was incredible and I am beginning to see more clearly that my Mom was working with you in advance. You don’t recall signaling “I see you” to me in Sedona. I think that was my Mom. And the day before I saw three women sitting at a table next to the monk. Later I saw that one had left a yellow purse on their chair. I decided not to take the purse and try to chase down the owner.

Later on, a beautiful young lady took the purse and walked across the grass. As I wondered if she was stealing a purse, she turned and smiled and I thought “well a purse stealer wouldn’t look back and smile”. I think that was you and it was my Mom working through you.

The session aside, I can not begin to tell you how welcome you made me feel at an event where I could have felt an odd man out. You treated me like a friend and it was a joyous experience. I can’t tell you how special it was to have time with the Majestic Mature Gentle Thunder, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mahalo, Merci Beaucoup, Muchos Gracius, Mille Grazi! All the best Gentle One (who roars!) ~ Bob Tanner

Hi Gentle Thunder! That was so wonderful today! It was so nice to meet you. I really felt the energy shifting in our home. I loved the drumming and the healing song, and the pendulum “activating lesson”. I loved all of it. Thank you for spending so much time with me.

Afterwards I definitely felt like there were entities or a presence, or many presences, nearby. I would catch myself thinking there was someone in the room and then it would be a shadow, or the contrast of an object. It faded as the evening came on, but was very strong for a while.

I have been listening to my 5 month old more closely. She is such a little angel. She told me she wanted to go outside so we went for a walk today. My husband laughed when I told him about how I should ask her if she wants a sibling, instead of it coming from my desire. I think he agrees that it seems to be coming from me.

Again, thank you so much! We covered so much ground today!! ~ Xox, Nicole

Gentle Thunder assisted me on so many levels. The healing that occurred from the session I received from her went so deep that weeks later I felt so much transformation had transpired. I had come to Gentle Thunder in complete anxiety due to being in yet another narcissistic relationship that was psychologically and emotionally abusive. I saw my part in the situation yet I was taking on too much of the responsibility and was not allowing love in as a result.

Gentle Thunder helped me to compassionately release these ties to the relationship and even past relationships that had still been connected to me. She helped me to cultivate self love and compassion, and gave me tools that I am still using to this day.

I have been down so many other avenues of healing modalities, but hands down Gentle Thunder’s approach is gentle, and trans-formative. I felt as if I was going through a rebirth, and I had in fact been reborn. I no longer allow relationships that do not serve my greatest good, and am much quicker at releasing people, and things, that do not match my frequency. Gentle Thunder’s gifts are of light and love, and exude great care and compassion. Having one session with her was like open heart surgery.

I must say this: if you are considering having work done with Gentle Thunder then make sure you are ready for this type of change, have no reservations because she does not mess around when she works, and is very serious about assisting you. Don’t waste your time, or hers. With that being said, open yourself up to the divine infinite healing, and stay ready because once you begin work with Gentle Thunder, then a lot is going to transform for you, don’t be afraid, be receptive to it.” ~ Alyson “Little Owl”

Thank you Gentle Thunder, for the healing session we had a few weeks ago – so much that has been holding me back has been released and in turn my personal life has taken a big shift with it.

Within hours relationships changed, within days my living situation changed, doors have been opened and others are finally closed – I find myself now in a very peaceful place, a place that I can be happy, I am so grateful – <3 ~ Bonnie Jean

I had the honor and privilege to have some healing work done with the Medicine Woman and Goddess from Sedona, Gentle Thunder. I have had thousands of healing session in my lifetime. Thousands. Reiki, Pranic Healing, Galactic Pleidian Light Activations, Theta Healing, Santeria Limpias, Sound Healing, the list goes on and on. Although they were relaxing and help me to raise my vibration, nothing has ever moved me the way this work did.

Gentle Thunder is an extremely gifted intuitive healer and spirit worker. I feel like I had 30 years of psychotherapy in one hour with grace and ease. I got closure concerning my toxic relationship with my father and pinpointed and healed the toxic patterns I inherited which was the root cause of so many disturbances in life. I’m also feeling a lot more connected, balanced, and comfortable with speaking my truth which I struggled with in the past.

I am reborn. I haven’t smiled ear to ear uncontrollably to the point my jaw hurts in about 5 years. She has changed my life and I am so grateful. Run don’t walk to have your session with her. ~ Michael Cardenas